Hospital Tour

Our state-of-the-art facility, completed in 2003, was designed to make pets and their people feel comfortable while allowing the doctors and staff to practice the type of medicine our four-legged family members deserve. The Pet Crossing facility received Veterinary Economics Hospital of the Year Design Competition Merit Award in 2004.

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Click the Play/Pause button to begin the tour! This is the front desk. I like to sit on the counter. Here's the lobby. Lots of comfy places to nap. One of the exam rooms. No need to be scared; we are very nice and gentle! I am here to make sure everything is ok. This is our outpatient treatment area. Maybe I'll get a treat if I hang out here. This is our inpatient treatment area. Don't worry, these doctors know their stuff! The cat boarding area is bright and clean. The dog boarding area is a happy place. I have friends there. See! Everyone is happy here. A lot of good work is done in the dental suite. I wonder if this is where they are hiding the treats. This is where surgery happens. No worries, we have the very best surgical team! Our radiology area is safe and staffed by experts. I am here to help, as usual. Our consultation room is cozy and inviting. I think a nap may be in order very soon. The kid's playroom is cheery and filled with fun stuff. I've been working on this for weeks! Our lab handles lots of testing and is very organized. I make sure the counter is kept clean. That's the tour. Now I'm ready for a nap! Bye! Play/Pause

Hello! I’m Walter, Pet Crossing’s Greeter Emeritus, and I will be your tour guide. I am in many of the pictures. In some I am obvious, in others I am harder to find. See if you can find me in the photos! It’s a game I like to call “Where’s Walter?”

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