Pet Insurance

Medical insurance can help you pay your veterinary bill

When your pet gets ill or injured, we want you to be able to focus on the health and well-being of your pet. Medical insurance can help you deal with unexpected veterinary expenses and provide your pet with the best medical care. Depending on your policy and coverage, a significant portion of your veterinary bill can be reimbursed to you.

Why we recommend that all our clients have pet insurance

  • Pets are members of your family
  • You want to be able to afford the best possible care for your pet
  • You want to ensure that the cost of treatment does not limit the best care for your pet
  • You want to protect your finances against a huge and unexpected expense
  • The health and happiness of your pet is worth it
  • Pet care costs are rising
  • Pet insurance is now part of a successful health care plan for your pet

Things to consider when choosing a policy for your pet

  • What will your deductible be? A deductible is the amount paid out of pocket by the policy holder before an insurance provider will pay any expenses. Is the deductible for your chosen policy applied annual? Is it applied per condition? Or is it applied per condition annually?
  • What is the lifetime or yearly maximum pay out for the policy?
  • Does the policy have any excluded conditions or breed restricted conditions?
  • What percentage will your policy reimburse you after you’ve met your deductible?
  • Are wellness services covered?

An example of how a pet insurance policy can work for you

A CT scan is recommended by one of our veterinarians to help diagnose your pet’s health challenge and determine the best possible course of treatment. The cost of the CT scan is $500 without insurance. If you have a policy with a $0 deductible and 90% coverage, the cost to you is only $50.

Without pet insurance, it may be a challenge for you to pay for the CT scan at that moment. You are now faced with some difficult choices: put the entire amount on a credit card and pay off the balance and interest as best you can; defer the CT scan until you can afford it, which puts your pet’s health at risk; or decline the CT scan and “see how things go” for a week or so – again putting your pet’s health at risk.

Pet insurance removes the obstacles and allows you to make the best choices for you and your pet!