Xoran’s VetCAT CT Scanner

Advanced Medical Technology for your Pet

The same advanced CT scanning technology used in medical clinics is now available in our veterinary office.

Scans are taken by friendly veterinary staff, reducing stress for pets and their companions.

VetCAT scans take less than a minute and generate high quality 3D x-rays of the anatomy, allowing us to diagnose your pet’s disease or injury during your office visit and begin treatment right away.

Cutting Edge Technology for our Veterinary Practice

Pet Crossing is the second veterinary practice in the world to install Xoran’s VetCAT Pet-friendly CT scanner.

This advanced technology allows our team to provide your pet with advanced imaging of the head, ears, nasal cavity, and mouth.

General anesthesia is seldom necessary as sedation is often adequate due in part to the VetCAT’s efficiency.

We often utilize the VetCAT CT Scanner in conjunction with video otoscopy affording ear cases a very thorough evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CT scan?
CT stands for Computed Tomography. VetCAT CT creates three-dimensional x-ray images of the anatomy, giving doctors unique information to diagnose and plan procedures.

Why is 3D better?
When your Doctor needs to see inside your animal’s anatomy, 3D images show where the problem is exactly. There is no more guessing. If a procedure is needed, the Doctor knows where to go. A faster and more targeted procedure means better recovery and better outcome.

What is special about VetCAT?
VetCAT is designed to image small body parts only. It is small and fast, so your veterinarian can use it in a usual setting. There is no need for a separate trip to a traditional CT scan facility. If a procedure is recommended, it can be done immediately.

How long does a scan take, and is it safe?
The scan only takes a 20 seconds. Results are available immediately. VetCAT scans have a significantly lower radiation dose than full-body scanners in the hospital.

VetCAT scanner
VetCAT scanner
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catVET scan